Visa Service Related Frequently Asked Questions

How does Star Visa Services Ltd get my  travel visa for me?

Most Embassies require that you submit recent photographs, complete an application form, and submit your passport together with these documents.
 Your passport is required for the visa, and when issued, is attached to a blank page in your passport. 
Please be aware that other documents can also be required such as a detailed travel route, health information, and invitation letters. 

Do other then UK nationals need a travel visa?

Star Visa Services provides visa requirements for travellers of many nationalities.
No matter what type of passport you hold, Star Visa Services can provide detailed visa information for all destinations. 
How long does it take Star Visa Services to work on my travel visa?

Speed of processing a visa differs for each destination country. 
Star Visa Services can process travel visas for many destinations, often within one day.
Please select your country of travel to define the travel visa processing time.
What is included in the price I pay to Star Visa Services for my travel visa?

The price to process a travel visa includes a consular fee and a Star Visa Services fee.
The consular fee is a fee charged by the country that is issuing the travel visa.  
These charges must be paid to the consulate issuing the travel visa whether the visa is issued through Star Visa Services or not. 
 Please note that the consular fees are subject to change without advance notice at any time by the various governments. 
The cost of using Star Visa Services varies based on the services you have requested and how quickly you need the documentation to be processed.  The fees established by Star Visa Services are in place to support and maintain the highest quality of travel visa and passport processing.
Please go to the Visa Services section of our website to see the travel visa requirements for your destination.
Can Star Visa Services provide additional documents required to apply for my travel visa,
such as an invitation or a tourist voucher?

Travel visa invitations and tourist vouchers are documents approved by the Foreign Ministry of the country of destination.                                            
These documents permit you to visit their country. 
 Star Visa Services is able to purchase travel visa invitations and confirmations on your behalf.  
What forms of payment does Star Visa Services receive?

Cards: Star Visa Services accept all major credit and debit cards.
However, please note that there is a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions.
Cash: Please pay cash only when applying in person in our office.
Cheque: Please make your cheque payable to ‘Star Visa Services Ltd’
Bank transfer: 
Star Visa Services Ltd
Lloyds TSB
Old Bond Street Branch
39 Piccadilly
London W1V 0AA
Sort Code: 30-96-24
Account No.: 01180419


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